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    Gee Moore - press shot

    Renowned Music producer for Superfreq, Dubwise, Bosom, Deepfiction, Bora Bora Music and many many more….

    International DJ and Creator of the Bora Bora Music brand, it’s record labels, world tours and club concept.

    For bookings please contact Heloisa Nequete Mchado:
    Fone/Whatsapp +55 51 9508-7701

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    Clubs + Events: Warung + D-Edge (Br), Amnesia (Ibz), The End + Rainbow (UK), U60 (Ger)…
    Labels: Media, React, Perfecto, Eukatech, SLR, Revolucion, Endemic, Superfreqs, Bora Bora Music (owner)
    Productions: Protonism, Electronism, Wiglewop, Boom Boom, Mr Squeaky Clean, Dolphin, Gimme More, My best friend is in my head, …
    Columnist and Interviews: Ministry Mag, M8, DJ Mag, House Mag, DMC, Mix Mag…
    Radio: BBC Radio 1 essential mix, MGR, Pulse, Dance digital, Ministry Radio, Thump Radio, Pushfm, JP…
    TV – Interview + Presenter: MTV, Rapture TV, Multi Show, E…


    Musician, DJ, Music producer, Record label owner/manager, Creator and owner of the Bora Bora Music and Club concept. Known for his long building sets playing and producing Deep House, Deep Tech, House, Tech House, Minimal, Progressive House & Techno.
    “Gee Moore for president!” Danny Tenaglia.

    Gee had a musical upbringing in England as a professional singer and guitarist from the age of fifteen. He created Bora Bora Music beach club in Spain in 1997 until 2005 when he moved it away from Ibiza to its new official home now in Brazil.


    Gee is famed for his unique universal sound that covers a vast range of styles from Deep House through to Techno. He’s known for his ability to play to the crowd throughout his marathon 3 to 12-hour sets and taking that vibe and smile with him on the successful world tours performing in places such as at Beach Club Montreal (Canada), D-Edge and Warung (Brazil), Global Gathering festival (UK), Rainbow (Birmingham UK), Code (Tokyo Japan), the legendary U60311 (Germany) and to over one million people at the Zurich Street Parade.


    In 2015 Gee launched the new Bora Bora Music label with 3 new sub labels.
    Bora Bora Music label releases House and Tech house.
    Deepfiction recordings in the styles of Lounge, Deep House, Deep Tech.
    Technodogs recordings Grooving Techno and Progressive…
    An Acid test recordings release Acid, experimental and live act projects.


    Over the last Ten years Gee has released more than 50 singles and 15 compilation albums including the highly acclaimed Bora Bora Music series. He has also had more than 30 single releases on record labels such as Superfreq, Dubwise, Bosom, Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto, Media, Pete Tongs London Records, Eukatech, Ministry of Sound, React, Endemic and many more both as a solo artist and co-producer working with recording artists such as Joy Kitikonti, Pigbwoy, Mauro Picotto, Audiocactus, Alan Prosser,.

    Gee, Myself and I

    Gee wrote, produced sang the vocals as well as create the artwork for his first solo artist album called “Gee, Myself and I” that had a follow up remix album released on Endemic digital.

    Many leading artists have made official remixes of his work including MR.C, Noel Jackson, Jay Tripwire, Anderson Noise, Click Box, BVision, Alan Prosser, Pigbwoy, Al Bradley, Jellybean, Stefano Albanese, Mauro Picotto, Joy Kitikonti,Terry Vernixx, Filip Fisher, Twenty Three…..

    Many of his productions have been included on albums such as Cream, Euphoria and Ministry of Sound’s yearly compilations as well as on his own Bora Bora Music compilations including two Bora Bora Music live movies which became the biggest selling Ibiza compilation of 2004. In recent years Gee has compiled and recorded many more albums and singles for other leading record companies to add to his impressive production collection.


    In Gee’s first years as a DJ he held residences in all the top 7 clubs on the island of Ibiza including Pacha, Space, Privilege, Amnesia, El Divino.. 5 of these clubs each night respectively throughout the summer seasons.
    He’s played many successful World tours stopping off In 2004 as resident for After Hour Power LA, USA.
 More recently he has played in key venues such as Warung, D.EDGE while on his world tours.


    Gee and Bora Bora Music have appeared in countless articles and interviews throughout the worlds press.
    Gee has also written many articles himself for various top music press publications including M8, Ministry and DJ MAG. More recently he has also written regularly for House Mag, Brazil.

    RADIO & TV

    Gee has presented radio shows and performances for Ministry of Sound Radio (UK), Loca FM (Spain), Thump Radio (USA) and many more across the globe as well as three different BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza broadcasts for Pete Tong’s Essential Selection show, an Essential Mix live from Pacha Ibiza, whilst also standing in for an Annie Nightingale broadcast (all on BBC Radio 1).
    Gee has been interviewed and made many guest appearances on TV shows around the world including Rapture TV, E, Multi Show, MTV, of which he has also been an interviewer/presenter.


    There is a collection of beach and club clothing that has been licensed to Jo Jo Electro in Los Angeles, USA. Bora Bora merchandise is on sale in stores and on the website.


    SINGLES 1998 – 2020

    On It Tonight – Gee Moore – Deepfiction
    Elektronism – Gee Moore, BVision – Superfreq
    Protonism – Gee Moore, BVision – Superfreq
    Go To The Sun – Gee Moore – Bora Bora Music
    Basic Income Outcome – Alan Prosser, Gee Moore – Technodogs
    Bang – Gee Moore – PAZ&REC
    Dubdelaytion – Gee Moore – PAZ&REC
    Giggle – Gee Moore – PAZ&REC
    Kepler186f – Gee Moore – PAZ&REC
    OMGEE – Gee Moore – PAZ&REC
    My best friend is in my head – Gee Moore – Bora Bora Music – Endemic digital
    No Shit Sherlock – Gee Moore – Endemic Digital
    Farrago – Gee Moore – Endemic Digital
    Pin Up It Down – Gee Moore – Endemic Digital
    Well – Gee Moore – Endemic Digital
    U Go I Stay – Gee Moore – Endemic Digital
    Evolution rEvolution – Gee Moore – Endemic Digital
    Organanic – Gee Moore – Endemic Digital
    Quantum – Gee Moore – Endemic Digital
    Clocknock – Gee Moore – Endemic Digital
    Love Will Tear – Gee Moore – Sounds of Juan
    Funny Bone – Vitamin G – Bora Bora Music
    Good Lines – Gee Moore – Bora Bora Music
    War-Like People – GAMP (aka Gee & Alan Prosser) – SLR
    Class Slavery – Gee Moore – Bora Bora Music
    Get Mad – Vitamin G – Bora Bora Music
    Every Human being – Vitamin G – Bora Bora Music
    Ainx – Gee & CL Audio – Bora Bora Music
    Love will tear us apart – The Divisionist feat G – Bora Bora Music/ Sigle
    Slut – Gee & DJ Ruff – Unrivaled Music
    Hell No – Gee Moore (Vitamin G) – Bora Bora Music – Revolucion records
    The get together – Gee & Pigbwoy – Bora Bora Music
    The person next to you – Gee Moore & David Tort – Bora Bora Music
    Olive branch – Gee Moore & David Tort – Bora Bora Music
    T. Control – Gee & Pigbwoy – Bora Bora Music
    Gang Members – Gee Moore & The Skankin Bros – Bora Bora Music/ Sigle
    Lets dance – – Ibiza voice feat Gee Moore – Chic flowerz
    Seven nation Army – Ibiza voice feat Gee Moore – Chic flowerz
    Fade to grey – Gee Moore – Bora Bora Music/ Sigle
    What U get – Gee Moore & The Skankin Bros – Bora Bora Music/ Sigle
    The Groove– Emanuel & Gee – Bora Bora Music
    Where were u – Gee, Rob Roar & Julian – Bora Bora Music
    Sleep and drugs  – Gee, Mikel & Ruff – Bora Bora Music
    Don’t you know (you’re no hero) – Gee, Pigbwoy & Gary Gecko – Bora Bora Music
    The Prayer – Gee & Patrick – Bora Bora music/ Sigle
    Shake it – Gee & Emanuel – Bora Bora Music
    Wanna Say it – Gee & Gordon Edge – Edge records/ Bora Bora Music
    Reinkennedyation – Gee & Slam Dunk Funk – Cube records Italy
    Electrogee – Gee, Pedro Del Moral and David Fererra – Bora Bora Music, Azoto, Bit music
    Red Moonshine – Gee & Slam dunk funk – Cube music
    Put your foot down (and pray) – Gee & Tom Neville – Beautiful Rec, Media
    Bass Invitation – Gee, Eric & Ruff (GER) – Bora Bora Music
    UK 51st State – Gee Moore
    You and I – Gee Moore
    Slam Dunk Funk – Gee & Slam Dunk Funk – Media Italy
    Bass Fusion – GPL – Bora Bora Music
    Salvation – GPL – Bora Bora Music
    Chick on the side – Gee & Emanuel – Bora Bora Music
    Love is in the air – Gee N Pigbwoy – Bora Bora Music
    Take U Inside – Gee N Pigbwoy – Bora Bora Music, DJ Center Paradise
    Panic – DJ Gee – React Music
    Rise Again – Gee & Edge – Bora Bora music
    G-tribe – DJ Gee Moore – Media Italy Music
    True Emotion – DJ Gee – React Music
    Temple – Gee Moore – Bora Bora Music
    Zeus dance – GB Utd – London records
    Dolphin – DJ Gee Moore – Media Italy
    Beach bums (East & West) – Gee & Edge – Ministry of sound
    Gimme More – DJ Gee Moore – Media Italy
    Blue Angel – Gee Motion – 48K
    Turtle Island – Gee, R Ewald  – Bora Bora Music
    Vitamin G and Vitamin G 2001 rmx – Gee, R Ewald – Bora Bora Music
    All Fat boys dancing – Gee Pres Es Vedra – Media Italy, Jellybean records


    Urban Ohmz – Silent Man – (Gee Moore Remix) – Echo Delux
    Neu Nox – To Transmit (Gee Moore Remix) – Dubwise
    Lui- & Arialdo – To Change Death (Gee Moore Mix) – Bora Bora Music
    Lui- & Arialdo – Exterña (Gee Moore Remix) – Deepfiction
    Lui- & Arialdo – Exterña (Gee Moore Mix De Mix Mix) – Deepfiction
    Lex Loofah –  Craggle – Gee Moore (A is for Acid mix) – Twisted recordings
    Undergo – Dantiez Saunderson – First Steps
    Deep Water – Tcherniak & Thomas feat Wilmien – Sorry Shoes
    Scanners – Alone – Debunk
    Potatoheads – Pump It up – Data (Ministry of sound)
    Da Hool – Wankers on duty – Deconstruction


    Gee Myself And I – The Remixes (12 track LP) – Endemic Digital – 2016
    Gee Myself And I  (10 track LP) – Endemic Digital – 2014

    COMPILATIONS 1999 – 2012

    Deepfiction Vs Bora Bora Music – Vol 1    Gee Moore    Bora Bora Music
    Bora Bora 2012                                     Gee Moore                         Bora Bora Music
    Bora Bora Black White Beach 2009      DJ Gee Moore                   DJ Center
    Bora Bora The Beach is Back 2008      DJ Gee Moore                   DJ Center
    Bora Bora Life is a Beach 2007             DJ Gee Moore                   DJ Center
    Bora Bora Sun of a Beach 2006            DJ Gee Moore                   DJ Center
    Bora Bora Live VOL 2 (DVD-CD) 05      DJ Gee Moore                   Bora Bora Music
    Bora Bora Live VOL 1 (DVD-CD) 04      DJ Gee Moore                   Bora Bora Music
    Bora Bora Loves me loves you 2003     DJ Gee Moore                   Bit Music
    Destinations Bora Bora Ibiza 2002        Gee Moore                        Tide
    Bora Bora Beach life 2001                     DJ Gee Moore                  React Music
    Atlantis Vol 1- 2000                            DJ Gee Moore               Edel Norway
    Bora Bora Day and Night 2000              DJ Gee Moore               React Music
    The Club Mix 1999                            DJ Gee and Tom Wax       ZYX (Germany)
    Hyperstate 99                                DJ Gee and Lemon          Scandinavian Records
    Bora Bora Ibiza 99                            DJ Gee Moore               React Music



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