[Al Bradley]


Owner of 3am Recordings since 2003
Resident DJ at Distrikt, Leeds – 2011-present
Resident DJ at Sankeys, Manchester – 2007-2008
Monthly ‘3am Recordings Show’ at Pioneer DJ Radio

Al Began DJing in 1991 after visiting the Hacienda in his hometown of Manchester and becoming a regular on the dancefloor there, along with regular trips to nights such as Leeds’ Back to Basics, Nottingham’s The Bomb, Liverpool’s Cream and many more. From playing house parties around his hometown of Manchester in the 1990s, Al is now a regular feature around the UK, as well as hosting 3am Recordings label parties around Europe & the USA, including gigs in Chicago, Barcelona, Paris, Cologne, Milwaukee & Berlin.

The label also celebrated its 10th birthday at the legendary fabric in London, with Al providing a guest mix for the club’s website, with a return to the club 8 months later and a further guest mix from Al alongside Classic Records/Rekids regular Rob Mello.

In 2007 Al moved into production and has since gone on to produce over 150 tracks and remixes for labels worldwide, gaining support from established DJs and radio shows worldwide.

Now with his own 3am Recordings Show being recorded monthly for Pioneer DJ Radio, the progress of Al and his 3am Recordings label has been consistently built on quality through experience, patience and a continued desire to be immersed in the culture which has given so much to him over the years, and which continues to do so.


Original releases:

Chemical Warfare – Revolutionary Vibes (3am Recordings)

Chemical Warfare – Softly, Softly (3am Recordings)

Chemical Warfare – Tumblin’ EP (3am Recordings)

Chemical Warfare – Sadowski (3am Recordings)

Chemical Warfare – Temprano (3am Recordings)

Chemical Warfare – The Search (3am Recordings)

Al Bradley – Jetstream (Midnight Social Recordings)

Al Bradley – Power To The Peaceful (Midnight Social Recordings)

Al Bradley pres. Chemical Warfare – Smokescreen Serenade (TUG Underground)

Al Bradley pres. Chemical Warfare – Replicants (Area38 Recordings)

Al Bradley – Hau Phat, So Phat (Bounce House Recordings)

Al Bradley – R U Ready (Bounce House Recordings)

Roland Nights & Al Bradley – Flicker (3am Recordings)

Al Bradley – Room Full Of Mirrors (Midnight Social Recordings)

Al Bradley – Skirmish (3am Recordings)

Al Bradley & Carlo Gambino – Automatick (3am Recordings)

Al Bradley – Buzzsaw (Bulletdodge Records)

Al Bradley – 3am Deep (3am Recordings)

Al Bradley pres. Audiotonic – Stereosleazin’ (3am Recordings)

Al Bradley pres. Chemical Warfare – Architektur (3am Recordings)

Al Bradley – Bounce & Strut (Headset Recordings)

Audiotonic – Moosebeats (Deep Site Space)

Audiotonic – Beartrap (Deep Site Space)

Audiotonic – Gold Morning Light (Deadbeat Disco Free Download)

Al Bradley – Paradiso (3am Recordings)

Al Bradley – Undertones (Kiko Records)

Al Bradley – Tone Control (Kiko Records)

Al Bradley – Throb (Bulletdodge Records)

Carlo Gambino & Al Bradley – Watcha Got (Svogue Muzique)

Al Bradley – Whipcracker (Blue Orb Records)

Al Bradley – Inhale (Blue Orb Records)

Al Bradley – Exhale (Blue Orb Records)

Al Bradley – Taste Your Skin (Kiko Records)

Al Bradley – Rhumba Box (Forward Education)

Al Bradley – Shadowboxer (Forward Education)

Al Bradley – Under The Radar (Midnight Social Recordings)

Audiotonic – Clean Living Is For Suckers (Wight Label Records)

Audiotonic – Straight Talking (Wight Label Records)

Audiotonic – Strobelite Shadows (Wight Label Records)

Low Tone – Pressin’ On (Midnight Social Recordings) *with Carlo Gambino*

Low Tone – You’ll Be Lucky (What Happens) *with Carlo Gambino*

Low Tone – Goin’ On (What Happens) *with Carlo Gambino*

Al Bradley – Harbour Lights (Society 3.0 Records)

Al Bradley – Shiver Me Timbers (Society 3.0 Records)

Audiotonic – Deep Fried (Wight Label Records)

Al Bradley – Kindergesicht (3am Recordings)

Al Bradley – Little Treasures (Waldliebe Familien Records)

Al Bradley – Moleque (Waldliebe Familien Records)

Al Bradley – Beats For Doris (Midnight Social Recordings)

Al Bradley – Creatures Of The Night (Household)

Al Bradley – Dirty Stopout (Household)

Audiotonic – Chuggington (Whiskey Pickle Recordings)

Al Bradley – Something Like Fire (Mole Music)

Al Bradley – Busted Wheels (Mole Music)

Al Bradley – Keep It Husky (Scandalo)

Al Bradley – Ataraxia (Scandalo)

Al Bradley – Night Owl (3am Recordings)


Andy Sant – Ya Feel (3am Recordings)

Anthony Molina – Holdin’ On (Getaway Recordings)

The Bionics – Deaf Love (Bocajito Recordings)

Tovar – 40 Seconds (3am Recordings)

Ben Dean – Redshift (Baker Street Recordings)

Carlo Gambino – Got High (3am Recordings)

Gianluca Peruzzi – Glide On Me (Presslab Records)

LHK – The Story (3am Recordings)

Kyle Marshall – Behemoth (Cubism Recordings)

Carlo Gambino – Movin’ On (Heartbeat Revolutions)

B.Original – We Came To Party (Pin Up Records)

Rob Pearson & Kirsten Sees – Something For The Weekend Sir (TUG Underground)

Carlo Gambino – Puzzle Palace (3am Recordings)

RJ Fletcher – Ten10Ten (3am Recordings)

Luca Giordano – Keep It (Presslab Records)

Matt Prehn ft. Lu Chase – Still Got Love (Bounce House Recordings)

Jota Wagner – Wicked (3am Recordings)

City Soul Project – The Way We Used To Do It (3am Recordings) *with Howard Sessions*

Matteo Floris – Someone Is Rockin’ (3am Recordings)

Single Man – Christine (3am Recordings)

Jeremy Breen – Holic Down (Savoir Faire Musique) *with Howard Sessions*

Dexter Duplong – Jasmine’s Groove (3am Recordings)Rob Small pres. Uncle Rico – A Different Groove (3am Recordings)

Rob Small pres. Uncle Rico – A Different Groove (3am Recordings)

Max Conte & Blackmode – Motor City Hustle (Freche Fruchte Recordings)

Ben Dean ft. Bryony Matthews – Find Me (3am Recordings)

2 Billion Beats – The Moodyman (Paper Recordings)

Mortal – Hope On A Tightrope (Beats Me Music)

Craig Stewart – Karman Line (Deepology Digital)

Honom – Bedcat (Pole Position Recordings)

Nick Devon – So Addicted (3am Recordings)

Alex Over – 24 Steps (Over Recordings)

Digital Dirt – More In The Tank (Click Therapy Recordings)

Danny Slim – Take It Back (Area38 Recordings)

Rob Clarke – Apache (3am Recordings)

Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Bounce House Recordings)

Denny Trajkov – Millenium Park (Artefact Records)

Tim Wolff – Quotum (Bulletdodge Records)

Michael Scott – It’s The Inside (Tanztone Records)

MunniBrotherz – Blossoms (TUG Underground)

Reptare ft. Chhoti Maa – Hold (Back To The Future)

Carlo Gambino – Keepin’ On (Gooseneck Records)

Funkdamentalist – One (Headset Recordings)

Johannes Ortlieb – City Groove (Mycore Records)

Paul Hardy & McKai ft. Astral T – Sound It Out (Baker Street Recordings)

City Soul Project – Sunday (i Records) *with Howard Sessions*

Howard Sessions – Dusted (3am Recordings)

Askani – Unknown Soldier (Jingo Recordings)

Carlo Gambino – Makes You Want Me (Area38 Recordings)

DJ Roland Clark vs Filthy Geeks – We Love Our House Music (Dualism Records)

Luke Form – In:Formation (Forward Education)

Andras Bader – Slow Away (Blue Orb Records)

David Moran – For The Love Of Vessy (TUG Underground)

Mane Savanovic – Turn Back Time (Deep Site Recordings)

Iorzh Herrera – I Don’t Care (Sofa Lounge Records)

Alex Cool – Thundershower (Bulletdodge Records)

Sebb Aston – Lonely Ghost (Blue Orb Records)

Cumiks – Picture (Inside Out Records)

Al Bradley – 3am Deep (Audiotonic’s Stereosleaze Remix) (3am Recordings)

Dlay – Better Not Bitter (Sudup Recordings)

Rievaulx – Lashes (Firepwny Records)

Maxito – Hopevol (Kinetic Groove)

Mr-7evin-11 ft. Val Gee – Who We Want To Be (SoulDeep Inc Records)

Michael Scott – Nina (3am Recordings)

Hot Lipps Inc – Rootless Existence (Hot Lipps Records)

K-Zan – Ghettos (Bounce House Recordings)

Swaab – Straight Line (CLPR)

Barber & Madigan – Back To Go Forward (Phonetic Recordings)

Soulhoppers – Spell (Hype Muzik)

Jon Sweetname – Altered Beast (House Trip Recordings)

Maxito – Hopevol (TUG Underground)

Lost Pieces – The Lick [Low Tone’s Midnight to 3am Remix] (FVR Street) *with Carlo Gambino*

Twisted Puppies – Slow Motion (3am Recordings)

BearTrax ft. Cessie – Distinction (Sullivan Room Records)

Saxton – Tonopah At Night (Wight Label Records)

Lessovsky – We Did This (Oh! Records)

Corrie – Where I Want To Be (Eat More Beef)

Jon Donson – Cube (Lucidflow)

Makka & Howard Sessions – The Mild Cigar (3am Recordings)

J-Dovy – A Pretty Face (Somanymusic)

Kirby Halliday – Just A Kiss (Deep Site Recordings)

Liam Connolly – Scuba (Delve Deeper Records)

Okabi – Tricky Movements (Scandalo)

Black Blooms – Downtown (Black Blooms)

Soul Academy ft. Shaun J. Wright – I Won’t Say Never (UM records)

Gee Moore – On It Tonight – Deepfiction